43 days.. the countdown has begun.....

Recently, I found a list in the front of my journal of things I wanted to accomplish by certain ages.. I made the list in 1991. (for those of you who are wondering, I was 10/11 years old) I must say it was a true treasure to find, and after reading and sharing with some friends, I tucked it back into the journal to "find" again at a later point in time. With the big 3-0, approaching in 43 days, it could not of come at a more perfect time..

While I don't remember updating the list.. I must of done so at some point in highschool, as there were things added to the "to do before graduate college" list in a different color/handwriting...

I am happy to say that I accomplished everything on the "To do before graduate college" list with the exception of going to the top of the capital of Florida .. Yes I know, I live in Tallahassee, and I am sad to share that I have still not been.. I think I am going to make it a point to do this before my birthday

I also had a list of things to do/accomplish before I was 20, 30, 40 and 50.... Some of the things that stand out to me, both accomplished and not are below:
  1. Go to Europe- My favorite trip was in 05? when I traveled to France/Spain for 3 weeks to visit friends. I was able to meet up with a sorority sister living in London, we traveled Paris, several cities in south France, and Spain.. Such amazing memories.. I will have to do a post soon with some of my favorite spots to visit, places to eat etc.. It will be a trip down memory lane, and will perhaps encourage some readers to make a trip 
2. Go to all 50 states.. I am in the high 30's and just tonight booked a trip to North Dakota with my BF, to visit his granny.. I am pushing to make the drive to South Dakota to visit Mt Rushmore while we are there... (has anyone been to this area.. advice/tips would be appreciated) I will do a seperate post on this soon as we hammer out details, destinations, etc..

3. Own a car, that I fully paid for... Yes it may be a Honda Civic, but it is fully paid for, sporty, reliable and gets amazing gas mileage.. Additionally, I have many memories from road trips, and travels in the car.. While I look forward to getting a new car, a part of me will miss the Civic

4. I had a list of books to read, places to visit, and things to accomplish, own etc.. The list was quite interesting.. and it makes me smile as it was obvious when I made the list I had no clue how much things cost... example: own a 3 karats of diamonds.. I mean why 3 karats.? did I plan on buying these? what type of jewelry did I find important. OR there was the be married had have 3 kids.. or the go to Australia, buy mom ______ (I'm leaving blank in case I one day surprise her with it)

Overall the list brought a smile to my face. While the list lay in my journal unknown to me for the best part of a decade, many of the things on the list were very relevant. many were accomplished, and many were still goals today.. Note: the list was nearly an entire notebook page long.... I must of put a ton of thought in in...

well... for the next 43 days.. I am going to make it a point to accomplish some of those lingering things on the list.. and perhaps make an updated list with personal goals, dreams, and thoughts to accomplish in "my 30's"


  1. Okay, getting married and having two kids is good, for the future, but if you'd done that by 30? You wouldn't have done all that other fun stuff. :) I'm glad you didn't check off that thing on your list and you enjoyed your life while you were young! woo hoo!

  2. I want to go to the capitol with you!! I never went either... I should hear back from FSU in early Nov about my graduate application (boy do we need to catch up) & Matt should too.. so we'll be around to look at houses most likely if we decide to go that way... hopefully i'll make it before your bday!

  3. Jenn- I know crazy right.. good thing it has been tucked away for who knows how long.. it might of given me a "I need to check this of my list" stress.. now it is fun to see all the things I have checked off

    Maddy- cant wait to see you.. fingers crossed for both of you.