everybody loves a new pair of jeans...

If you are in Tallahassee, Come visit me this weekend.. bring an old pair of jeans (from any store) and receive 30% off a new pair of 1969 jeans!!! Not in Tallahassee, head to a Gap near you..

Some information about the program:
  • Program Goal: to communicate that the world’s leading fiber, cotton, is sustainable and renewable by collecting old denim to be recycled into natural cotton fiber insulation.
  • Once collected, the donated denim is recycled and manufactured into UltraTouch™Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation by Bonded Logic Inc.
  • The natural cotton fiber insulation is then provided to communities in need.
  • COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® Program Statistics
  •  The COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® denim drive was created by Cotton Incorporated in 2006, to emphasize the natural and environmental attributes of cotton and afford people the opportunity to give back to their community in a unique way.500 pairs of jeans recycles into approximately enough insulation for one home (based on a formula with the average house being approximately 2,300 square feet and the average wall 8’ x 12’.
  •  In the first three years of executing COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.®, retailers, universities, individuals and varying types of businesses contributed nearly 90,000 pieces of denim resulting in more than 185,000 square feet of natural cotton fiber insulation. The insulation was donated to hurricane-affected Habitat Humanity affiliates across the Gulf Coast region from Mississippi to Texas for use in more than 200 homes. 
  • In its fourth year, 2009, a Guinness World Record for collecting the most clothes to be recycled was set by National Geographic Kids magazine. Over 33,000 pieces of denim was collected to set the record. National Geographic Kids magazine donated the denim to COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® for recycling.
  •   Since its inception in 2006, the COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN.® program has received nearly 270,000 pieces of denim, creating enough insulation for over 540 homes and resulting in over 200 tons of denim being diverted from landfills.

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