Happy 125th Alpha Chi Omega

I am inspired by 7 women, who in 1885 who founded Alpha Chi Omega. They were the first Real Strong Women and laid the ground work for the rest of us. It is amazing to me that the decisions of those 7 women, so many years ago, introduced me to some of my very best friends... 
“People often ask why I joined a sorority, and why I'm involved as an alumna. I try to explain all the things that Alpha Chi was and is to me. What you "see" of my sorority IS great - letter shirts, friends, rituals, parties, and a chapter house that was my home away from home. It's hard to describe the parts you can't see. As a collegian, I learned about compromise; how to encourage peoples' strengths and ignore weaknesses; giving without expecting a return; and making life-long friendships and memories. I was surprised and excited to learn that Alpha Chi Omega continues to give back to me as an alumna. I enjoy new friendships, extensive network opportunities, leadership and service events and even socials! Alpha Chi has proven she is timeless.”  -Britain
To all my sisters Happy Founder's Day.

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