I am looking forward to a busy next two days, as I have work, need to get my car taken to the shop, need to do laundry, and repack my suitcase.. The BF, Chris and I are on the road again.. Well, kind of, this time we are taking to the skies and flying north.. We will fly into Minneapolis, Minnesota where we will arrive super late. We will then drive west to North Dakota to visit his grandma, who is not doing well, and his uncle who recently had surgery.. From there we will make an 8 hour drive to Mt Rushmore and Crazy House (my must see in agreeing to go on this trip) and then drive another 6-8 hours back north to Montana to meet up with more of Chris's relatives.. Good news is that in driving north we will pass through Wyoming, and the Yellowstone national park. I am lobbying that we stop and see Old Faithful along the way.... I even picked up the below book to read up on sites of the park.... Of course I will keep you posted.
Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks 

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