Wish List.....

With my big 3-0 Birthday coming up, Christmas, etc..
I find myself daydreaming 
and thinking of all the things I want to put on my "wish list" for Santa & the Birthday Fairy..
Of course I would never expect to get  these things... but it doesn't hurt to dream right???

1. Louis Vuitton, NeverFull 

2. Bake Greek Cookie cutters - I think it would be fun to have the Alpha, Chi and Omega of course.. but then again the greek alphabet would be great to make gifts for the Panhellenic Luncheon and other such events... 
3. New Stud earings..  I would love a silver pair and pearls.  I am vowing never to wearing dangle earrings again, after ripping my hear hole this past year.. (more on that in a seperate post) 
4.Electronic Catch Phrase .. one of my favorite games to play, and somehow I don't own it..
Electronic Catch Phrase
5. .The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl. Yes I am loving trying to recipes and cooking these days, and everyone is raving out this cookbook. I have looked through it several times, and think it might me time to make the move, and own it!!! 
The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl
7.  for those of you who know me. You know I am ALWAYS on my computer.. And I would love love an the MacBook Pro. my brother has one, as do several of my friends.. My computer is still working fine, just getting a bit slow, and has some cracks around the keyboard (which reminds me I need to call Apple about getting those fixed when I am in Jax this Saturday)
Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop

please note the above are in no particular order, and are truly just wishes.. I in no way expect to receive what I am dreaming about. But thought it would be fun to make a little "dream list"

in the end .. the above are material things.. And if you know me you know I am always looking for a new  book, meal with friends/family or a trip to somewhere new with those I love!!

Most of all this Birthday/Holiday season. i am looking forward to hanging out with my family, friends and love ones!


  1. I love Catchphrase! I'm sure Chris will surprise you with some good stuff :)

  2. aww thanks maddy.. Yes it is one of my favorite games.. I can't believe I don't own it.. And I would also like to get a good chess board as Chris recently taught me how to play, and we are playing quite often..

    Who knows what Chris is going to get me.. I keep telling him that while material things are "fun" I treasure our mini trips, road trips etc more than anything else.. and he doesn't need to get me anything.. =)