30 days until 30....

As I sit in a hotel room, in "who knows where" Montana, I suddenly realized that today marks the 30 day mark until I am 30.. So crazy right??? I honestly do not know where 2010 has gone.. With that being said, tons of thoughts started racing through my mind... some of which are below
  • 2010 went by way to fast... I cannot believe it is 26 days till Thanksgiving, 30 days til my Birthday, and wait for it... 52 days until Christmas.. 
  • When I get back to Tallahassee, I must commit to working on my Holiday cards.. The cards are bought, the envelopes are addressed, but I must start on the messages to friends and family.... Goal is to send them out December 1st
  • Christmas shopping.. I have decided that I will be doing more baking and personalized gifts this year. I need to start looking through my recipes and determine exactly what I am going to do and when I am going to do them
  • SOOOO excited that I only have Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Utah, and Colorado to go to., and I will have been to all 50 states
  • Ok the above post in not entirely true.. I also need to go to Oregon and Washington, but I will be visiting both in June 2011 for a wedding.. so no stress on getting to those.. 
  • I totally miss work, and can't wait to get back and gear up for Give and Get, and the busy holiday season!!!
  • My mom can now text.. I am super excited about this...
I told you it was a random post.... But now for a serious moment.... I am going to use the next 30 days to come up with my Birthday resolutions.. as I want to commit to making my 30th year a healthy one (in all aspects) In an effort to do so, I am going to start working on organizing my recipes, freeing time for the gym, etc, etc..


  1. 30 days! I'm sure you'll coast into 30 just as graceful as ever. I enjoyed our phone chat tonight! I still can't believe you have 6 states!

    p.s. I want a holiday card :)

  2. ahh thanks girl..

    just let me know your addy and ill add you to the card list