Baby Peanut..

 This past weekend, I co-hosted (well 5 of us hosted) a co-ed baby shower brunch for one of my pledge sisters from college, Heather and her husband Dan. It was truly a great event (well in my opinion) and it was great to have everyone back together again (as Heather has moved to Alabama, and Lindsey to Lake City) We all used to live in Tallahassee together and were ALWAYS together..  
It should come as no surprise that with 5 crafty, party planning hosts, the event had some great decorations, eats, etc... Thanks to Amy Z, for snapping some great photos I will share below!! 
Lindsey brought the most adorable cake from a local bakery in Lake City, and it her husband Brannon had fun claiming that he made it, when guests asked where it was from. 
Jenn and Marc opened up their house, and Marc of course created a beautiful fruit salad.. 
Amy Z and Jenn contributed the breakfast food for the event.. The grits casserolewas AMAZING.. The buffet also boasted Crustless Quiche,  Chicken Dorito casserole and a Krispy Kreme Donut Bread Pudding (from Paula Deen).. In addition Tara and I brought the fixing for Mimosas..and various other muffins, drinks, etc were served.  
I whipped up a Diaper cake (I must share I think I scared my boyfriends roomates when I walked in with a case of diapers and baby toys.. it was too funny) 
Jenn created the most adorable wrapped candy bar favors

Overall, the event was a success.. I hope we can all get together again soon.. Hum.. what can we use as an excuse to do so??? 
Until then Love in the Bond to my girlies.. 
Can't wait to meet Baby Mefford in January

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