Cat, I'm a Kitty Cat...

With many of my close friends expecting kids, I joke with Chris, that we are going to need to get a kid so we can having something to talk about with my friends. Of course by this I mean an animal, not a real child.. As that is several years away...

Chris and I agreed that we both want another cat.. As you might remember, I have an all white cat, Henry (Photo above & I've blogged about him here) I inherited Henry in college from a friend. Henry is the most unique cat ever! He loves water, and has been known to jump in the tub for a swim when I am drawing a bath.. He plays fetch, and loves to cuddle..

As of know Chris and I are in love with two breeds of cats (C's mom has one of each back home). I am open to either, but we are both doing some research on them. I am open to anything my readers have to say based on which one is cuter, or thoughts on which breed we should go with..

1. A Ragdoll
 http://craft.nunodoll.com/cat/ragdoll1.jpg http://www.ragdoll-cats.com/heath.gif
2. a Red Persian

http://www.wonderfluf.com/kittens/Red.jpg  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ocfteVFUsDU/SMsu4j6K76I/AAAAAAAAAR8/wC2UldS4T5U/s400/red-persian.jpg


  1. I think you should get a dog! but the red persian is just adorable if I HAVE to choose a cat ;)

  2. Michelle LeeNovember 20, 2010

    aww red persian- precious!!!!