Chocolate covered oreos.....

 The cookies here are super easy to make and they are a hit each holiday with my employees, the Post man, UPS man, FedEx man, friends, neighbors etc. They add a bit of color and dimension to any cookie tray!

Before you begin you will need 3 supplies: 
1 bag of Oreo cookies, 1 bag of baking chocolate, and sprinkles of your choice.
 Once you have the supplies, place a paper towel on your backing racks, and lay out your cookies
The microwave your baking chocolate for 3 min, stir and use a spoon to place on top of each oreo
If you have an assistant, you can sprinkle colored sugar on the cookies as you go. In this case my boyfriend was willing to help. If not just do every 5-10 cookies, as you want to sprinkle the tops before the chocolate hardens.
and they are done!!! place a couple in a bag with a bow, and they make a great gift.

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