Thanksgiving with Friends

how cute are the adorable place cards, I made for everyone

Tomorrow Chris and I will be participating in a Thanksgiving dinner with his roommates. With both myself and two of Chris's roommates working in retail, we thought it could be fun to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner before we all head our different ways for the holidays, and then we will all have left overs to eat during the busy holiday weekend..

The neat thing about the dinner, is each of us are making our favorite dish from home, the way we like it. So what is on the menu:
Chris is cooking the turkey,  and we are making homemade macaroni and cheese.

I am making my favorite green bean casserole, and Amber will be making broccoli casserole (recipes here from a previous post) I am also baking rolls, and will be baking some additional goodies to take to work.

David is making potatoes, jury is out on if they are mashed, whipped, etc..

Amber is also making a sweet potato casserole.

For dessert we have pumpkin, pecan and apple pie with vanilla ice cream!

I will be sure to share photos from the "feast" along with any new recipes tomorrow!

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