What is worse, the Gator "Chomp" or the Wolfpack "Howl"

 In talking with my boyfriend about the upcoming UF vs. FSU game this afternoon. I asked the question in my title: Is the "Gator Chomp" noise more annoying than the Wolfpack "howl" ? I can't believe that I cam going to share this, but I think that the NC St. Wolf back is the most annoying thing I have ever heard/witnessed in my football "travels"

Speaking of travels... Check out the photos from our trip to the NC St game.. 

 I was able to catch up with my friend and fellow Chapter Adviser, Bonnie at Top of the Hill Tavern in Chapel Hil. 
 She then took Chris and I on a tour of the Chapter House at UNC- Chapel Hill
 We had to park for the game near the Horse Showing area, and they had these crazy painted horses all over
 I will give it to NC St. They have an amazing fountain at the entrance to their stadium with wolf statues.
 The rest of their stadium however, leaves much to be desired. It reminds me of a highschool stadium
 Chris & I ran into my friend from college/Gap, Matt ... I can't remember what I said, but Chris was totally laughing when I took this photo (and will most likely be upset at me for posting it)
While the outcome of the game was not as we had hoped. The game was truly a great game, and I had a fun road trip with Chris as always! 

So here is hoping for a Win tonight against the Gators.. and photos from the game will come..

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