What to get the boy who has everything??????.....

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I am happy to say, I feel fairly ahead of the game this year.. Please pardon my mini blog list before I get to the point...

1. My Christmas and Hanukkah cards about 65% addressed, and I have free time to finish them this week and next .. Goal be done by Thanksgiving!!
2. Prezzies for my friends are nearly all complete. I was crafty/handy this year.. and can't wait to share (but will have to wait to do so, since many of my friends read my blog)
3. I have recipes picked out for treats for the staff at work on Black Friday & around the holidays! I will share recipes/ideas shortly

I am always the girl who stresses over gifts for friends and loved ones, and it nearly always turns out that the stress was for nothing.. This holiday season I keep coming back to, what do I get my boyfriend???? The boy who seems to have everything he wants/needs. If you ask him, he says "you don't have to get me anything" or "I am sure I will like anything you will get me"  ... But what it really boils down to is  I have so many ideas, and none of them seem just right. I have a feeling he reads the blog occasionally, so I am going to refrain from putting my actual ideas for him on the blog.. and instead post some great clothing buys for guys below that I came up with (before I decided that I wanted to go a different direction)
1. A simple, classic Brooks Brothers polo. I know he loves them, they wear well, etc..

Southern Proper - Southern Ties and Bowties ImageSouthern Proper. I love this company, No matter what you are looking for - your classic, southern refined, preppy man will love anything you can find  here. SP has amazing ties, classic polos, the best fitting hats, and even comfy boxes for the stocking. Not to mention he company is owed by two of the most precious, and preppy Alpha Chi's. and truly stands behind all of their product..

3. A little something from my tried  and true classic fall back stores Gap and Banana Republic, not to mention it is currently Give and Get weekend.. If you didn't see my post on Thursday you can get 30% off this weekend while shopping.

So in the end I decided I have some great ideas for some meaningful Holiday gifts for Chris.. but I just had to share some of my clothing favorites above.. Once we exchange gifts I will of course share what I opt'd to go with on the blog.. and in the mean time, if any of my readers have holiday gift ideas they would like to share.. please feel free to do so in my comment section. I am always up for a new idea, and am sure my readers are too!!!


  1. Clothes are definitely on my list for Matt, but I have no idea what else! I hope I think of something soon...

  2. hum.. give me a call we need to catch up