Books from my bestie!!!

 I received the most amazing package in the mail today from my bestie, Joy for my birthday.. It was a great collection of fun books.. Of course I couldn't be happier, and must share b/c I think they would be a great birthday gift for anyone turning 30!
Book of Ages 30
Book of Ages 30 is a neat book. It gives statistics, stories, etc for those who are 30. I have loved sharing the fun/random facts with my boyfriend, his room mates and friends, and will of course enjoy the stories as I finish reading through it.
1,000 Places to See Before You Die Traveler's Journal (Travel Journal) 
1,000 Places to See Before You Die Traveler's Journal (Travel Journal) is a great journal that also includes suggestions for places to visit, things to see, etc.. I can't wait to journal during my next trip! The journal also includes a pocket in the front, that I could place mementos, itineraries, etc in
Pushing 30 
Pushing 30 is a cute "girlie" book, one that I look forward to reading this upcoming week, as I finish up moving, Christmas Cards, etc..

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