drama with moving....

 As you know from my post last week, I rented a Budget moving truck to move my things to storage, while we look for a townhouse/house to move to. While the moving itself was relatively seamless (thank in part to my amazing friends) the actual rental of the moving truck was quite frustrating. I booked the truck online to pick up at 9am. I called at 9am, to let the rental store know I would be there around 9:30-10am. We arrived at 9:45 only to find out that they had not checked the truck in from the previous renter, filled the truck with gas, etc.. Then they informed me they would have to run and fill the truck with gas (understandable) What is not understandable, is that the manager then chit chatted with a friend for over 20 minutes before leaving to fill up the truck. All said and done, we did not leave the rental location until 10:45... (an hr and 45 min after the van was supposed to be ready for pick up)

Now, yes the above was frustrating, but not nearly as frustrating as what happened next. Upon finishing our move, we filled the rental van with gas, and returned to the rental location to turn it in. The manager then proceeded to tell me that the van was not full, and that I would be charged $30.00 if I did not fill it up. Chris and I both explained that we just filled it up, and showed him the below photo on the right. I also reminded him that I waited for him for over an hour that morning. He insisted that we need to return to the gas station. 
      We did only to find that we could fit .69 cents more into the vehicle. We of course, at this point were extremely frustrated, we took a photo of the pump, and returned to the rental location. Upon returning I showed the manager the below photo of both the pump, the receipt and the fuel levels photo on the left (notice they are THE SAME) .. At this point if he would of apologized and offered us a small discount or something for our day of frustration I would of been calm, and let the entire day go.. However, he nearly laughed at us, and said there must be something wrong with the truck, completed our transaction and sent us on our way. He totally ignored the fact that we waited for him, that he made us go back to the gas station for .69 cents, etc
     I went back and forth on whether to share the store, and write a letter to Budget, but in the end, it is still bothering me almost a week later.. so here it is.. as I type this, my letter is in the mail to Budget.. we shall see if anything happens..

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