Moving update!!!

 This week has been jam packed with work, and moving festivites, but I must share that I am blessed to have an amazing boyfriend, great friends and the best family a gal could ask for....

After a great birthday weekend in Charleston, I returned to work on Monday followed by packing up my bedroom and office. Tuesday, C & I awoke early and drove half way to meet my mom, who will be "cat sitting" my Henry for the next month or so, until C & I find a place to call our own. One would think that Henry would want to cuddle with me on the drive as he usually does, but true to form Henry ventured over to Chris, where he remained for nearly the entire trip.
I worked Tuesday night, and Wednesday.. and then today was moving day.... After a bit of a fiasco with Budget Truck rental (I will share more on this later) Chris, his amazing roommate David and I were off to load the truck. My co-worker Peyton also meet up with us for a bit. We were able to quickly pack up the truck and unload it at my AMAZING friend JennySue's house. JennySue & her husband so kindly offered that I could store somethings in their garage for the monthish that I would need a storage. I must say that we made it our personal goal to fit everything on the tarp.. and I smiled inside when I talked to Jenn this pm, and she commented that her husband said he couldn't of packed it better himself.. Validation complete (Thanks Marc)
After a trip to the chapter house to drop off staff, Holiday bonus' and treats, and picking up dinner one would think C & I were headed home to rest right??? Wrong, C decided a couple weeks back that it was time to build a new computer (yes you read that correctly build not buy) and as of today all of his parts are in.. So as I post this, C is working diligently on building his new computer, with my assistance when needed of course!!! I will be sure to blog progress of this "adventure" and completion.. and until then.. Stay warm..

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