soo.. What did I get the boy???

 I received a few emails regarding what did I get Chris for Christmas?? Now, that he has opened things, I can share....
http://www.probowlinginfo.com/bowlinginfo/bags/BBPolo_Black.jpg  2 Brooks Brothers polos. (gray and navy)

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_QWemUsbQCfU/Sy5sUYf7lOI/AAAAAAAAF2A/ZAYG-1ux4m4/s320/Polo+Shawl+Collar+Fleece+Pullover.jpg 2 Brooks Brothers Fleece (gray and Garnet)

http://roseyrebecca.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/img_2456.jpg  Checkers game from Cracker Barrel. We play this EVERY time we stop during our road trips & while I have yet to win. I am hoping with practice from home I soon will.
http://images.yawkeywaystore.com/images/products/mem022.gif Baseball signed by Jonathan Papelbon, pitcher for the Red Sox, and Chris's Favorite player..

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