What phone ???

So my phone has officially died, as of, Monday I have no phone. It started with a reboot once or twice a day, and had become more and more frequent. Since Monday it has been in a constant state of rebooting..

What does this mean? Time for a new phone for me... The big decision is do I stay with a black berry or make the switch to the I-phone???

I will most likely be switching to AT & T either way, as Chris and I are going to get the family share plan. This will not only save both of us money, but neither of us will have to worry about the number of minutes we use each month... Today I will be going thru the past 6 months of my bills to determine how many minutes I need, and how much data I use.. And then I will be making my final decision and picking up my new phone.. 

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  1. Why don't you check out the new Windows 7 phones? AT&T carries several models. They do everything the i-Phone does and better (touch, intuitive) but costs a helluva lot less. Why pay for the Apple hype? Try them out when you go by the AT&T store. I think you will really like what you see.