So my boyfriend and I often get into heated discussions about wreaths.. I am of the opinion that a wreath on the door makes the house more inviting, and honestly would have a wreath on my door nearly year round if I could. Chris is of the school of thought that Christmas is truly the only time for a wreath.. I think he will come around. (fingers crossed)

While I am not sure that he would ever allow the wreath below.. I came across it on "Honey We're Home" blog and had to share.. As it is a cute wreath and looks easy to make..  If you decide to make the wreath, I would love to see it, and of course be sure to stop on over to the Honey We're Home blog to thank her for her post.. Happy crafting!!!

he Supplies:
  • Wire Wreath Form {I used a 18in. form}
  • Ornaments
  • Yarn
  • Glue Gun
  • Styrofoam Balls (2 1/2 inch, 2 inch, 1 1/2 inch)
Making the Yarn Balls:
Wrap the yarn around the styrofoam ball in various and alternating directions {just like making a real yarn ball} until all of the white sytrofoam is covered.  When you're finished just tuck the end of the sting underneath the yarn to secure it.
Making the Wreath:
There are a couple of  ways to do this.. you can evenly space out your large yarn balls onto your wreath form and glue them one at a time.  And then you can glue your smaller yarn balls and ornaments around your large yarn balls.  I have done this on a few of my wreaths.

Or you can build the wreath one section at a time building upon each section as you go.  I found that this leaves less 'wholes' and hides the wreath wire form from view.  This method works better for me and I like the way it looks.  I added the larger yarn balls and ornaments around the base of the wreath form and then I filled the 'holes' with smaller yarn balls and smaller ornaments.  Securing each by gluing them to one another and to the wreath form.  While gluing the pieces together you'll want to hold them for 15-20 seconds to make sure they are secure before moving on.  I also made sure that I alternated the colors.
I found that holding the wreath upright or hanging it on my door let me have a good look at it and find the places where I needed extra pieces added.

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