30 things..

 In December of 2010, I turned 30! When turning 30, I kept getting asked, "Did you accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish before you turned 30?" The answer was I never really made a list.

This promoted me to make a list of 30 things that I want to do before I turn 31.
  1. Try 30 new restaurants.  
  2. Read 30 books I haven't read
  3.  Take my blog to the next level. (I have yet to come to a conclusion of what exactly this means, but I would love to gain followers, streamline the look of my blog, and potential even gain sponsors) One this is for sure I would like to have at least 30 giveaways (if you are interested please contact me)
  4. Make weekly Date night a part of our routine
  5. Send 365 days of correspondence (you know I love an excuse to buy new stationary)
  6. Purge and donate old clothes from closets at least four times (once each season) and encourage C to do so at least twice
  7. Take a cooking class
  8. Write 3 letters to a company when I receive great service or I like their product
  9. Update will/living will
  10. Make a photo book of C and I's trip to the Plain States (ND,SD,MN,ID,NE,WY,MT)
  11. Work out three times a week, three weeks in a row
  12. Give an "I saw this and thought of you" gift each month to someone I know
  13. Go to the top of the capital of Florida (seriously I have lived in Tallahassee for 12 years and never been) 
  14. Visit 3 other state capitals
  15. Take a girls only trip
  16. Visit 5 more states with C (We have already been to FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, TN, MA, DE, NY, NJ, MD, NH, VT, PA, CT, ND, SD, MN, ID, NE, WY, MT)
  17. Visit 3 more states that I have not been to (left I have OR, WA, MI, ME, RI, HI, AK, CO)
  18. Apply for a Graduate program
  19. Learn a new sport (or just try it at least twice)
  20. Attempt to learn how to play a video game (Chris may get frustrated with me before I actually master it) 
  21. Pay for the person behind me at a toll or drive thru at least 3 times
  22. Plan a surprise date/trip for Chris
  23. Buy flowers/send flowers to someone anonymously
  24. Make a homemade pie
  25. Save more than I spend on a trip to the grocery store 
  26. Research a "friend" for Henry, and discuss options with Chris
  27. Take Chris to a Pro Football game (gasp, he had never been)
  28. Research London Olympics 2012, and make a decision /budget pertaining to attending
  29. Send "just becuase" cards to my grandparents at least 10 times
  30. Gain at least 2 more advisors for Alpha Chi Omega at Florida States Advisory board
I will update the list as I complete things, and I am sure do posts on some of them as well.....
Do you have ideas for things I can put on my 2012 list, feel free to contact me.

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