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Chris recently informed me that his bedroom set, that we are going to use in the guest bedroom does not have a headboard. "No worries", I immediately exclaimed, "we can make one". I think I might of shocked him with my quick response about our next DIY project.. So now, we are looking for inspiration.

image via elle decor
image via elle decor

image via decor pad

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  1. Hit up some Thrift Stores in the area, or craigslist for some old fancy ones like your inspiration it with KILZ spray primer, expensive but worth it in the end (I found out the hard way fast)...the final paint goes on little butter...smooth and perfect....spray out in white or ivory...if you're lucky, you'll find one that you could cut out a paper pattern (buy a $1 Christmas wrapping paper and lay it inside and crease to create a pattern cut out.....if you want to button tuft...drill small holes in wood, cover fabric panels you cut out, and (match the holes in that wood backing BEFORE covering with fabric with marks on the headboard to drill),then glue on the fabric panels, and using a darning needle go through the back of the headboard to the front, and catch your fabric covered buttons (cheapest kits at Walmart)then back through and use metal washers bigger then the holes and knot off, and tape them down, which puckers the front....
    They are so pretty! Good luck!