Downstairs is nearly complete

 We have lived at our new town home for just over a week now, and I am happy to share that the downstairs is now 100% complete!!! Chris was able to finish all of the living room "things" today.. He build a riser to go under the TV, to house the components, cable box, etc.. and he hung my favorite Lyre bird print to the left of the TV, we decided to use the shelf to the left to house one of my favorite vases, and an eclectic collection of framed photos of friends and family.
 Today, Ashley Furniture delivered the remaining item for our dinning room, our hutch!!! It came while I was at work today.. Upon coming home, I immediately starting putting our wine glasses and such into it! I am soo happy with how it looks! We also have the table, but of course I forgot to take a photo of it before coming upstairs to blog. You can see it here from our shopping trip, (we will to nearly every furniture store in Tallahassee & Thomasville looking for the best deal) I promise to take a photo this week, and update this post..

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