Kitchen Complete!!

Sooo, after spending nearly all of Thursday moving, Chris and I were able to unpack a little bit on Friday before heading to the beach for the retreat. I had a blast this weekend, at the chapters' executive board retreat! I am truly inspired by the collegiate woman, and look forward to the amazing things they are planning for the 2011 year!!!! This afternoon I arrived back in Tallahassee, ready to conquer the boxes remaining in the town home. While Chris painted the office, I was able to finish the kitchen, dinning room and living room! Not only are all of the boxes unpacked, but photos are hung on the walls, and accessories are out!! I will try my best to update the blog as I complete each room... Below is the kitchen (nearly 100% complete)

  The magnets on the left of the fridge are from the 20+ states Chris and I have been to together, and others I have visited on my own! to the right are save the dates, announcements, etc... To the left of the fridge is our toaster, and to the right our new coffee maker (we were able to get it super reasonable due to Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons) To the right is the view to the right of the stove. The kitchen over looks the dinning room, with a small bar area (though we won't be putting bar stools) You can see my kitchen aid mixer (aka. my Christmas present from Chris) along with Chris's pet plant. (he keeps saying he is going to replant it.. perhaps in a red vase to match the kitchen area)
This is the view into the kitchen from the dinning room! You can see a glimpse of our dining room chairs (more on that later) and the last two boxes of wine glasses that I need to unpack. On the counter is a star bowl (from my dear friend Jenny Sue) that we have decided to use as a place for us to place the mail!
Last is our bar area. Just like I collect magnets from each state I visit, Chris collects shot glasses, we decided to showcase his shot glass collection here! The drawers below house koozies, wine stoppers, etc.. and the cabinets hold additional liquor, and my Magnolia Lane Florida State University  serving dishes and platters. 

Tomorrow, we are meeting my mom to pick back up my cat, Henry! (I am soooo excited) and then the plan is to finish painting the office and setting it up, and for Chris to work on setting up all of the electronics, and for me to start working on our master bedroom (more specifically, unpacking all of our clothes.. (who knew we both had so many) ... more updates to come..

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  1. ★ Star Bowl Love ♥. I also have an awesome pewter star bowl from Britain.

    Looking fantastic (no surprise!)

    I can't wait to see Henry.