More dinning room love

 As promised here are photos of the dinning room. It is 100% complete!!! And the beautiful roses in the photo were a surprise from Chris. He had picked them up while out running errands, and had them in a vase on the table when I got home (of course they needed cut and watered, but I was still impressed) I could get used to fresh flowers, as they brighten any room & always make me smile!!

On the to do list, (once we get the house fully unpacked) I would like to sew some place mats and napkins. I am thinking plain white ones, and also red ones to tie in the pop of red in the kitchen.
We decided to move the chairs from the ends of the table to either side of the hutch for daily storage, as it gives the dinning room a much bigger feel. We also want to get a piece of glass cut for the top of our table, as I don't think we will put the leaf in that often.
Yesterday was a busy day, I had a super productive day at work (kicking off the last week of the fiscal year) and then headed to dinner with the mgmt team. Following dinner, C & I put the last coat of paint on our master bedroom, and then we assembled lamps before moving all of the furniture into place. C is going to start painting the guest bedroom while I am at work tomorrow! & then alas all rooms will be painted and we can finish fully unpacking.... I promise to post photos of the remaining rooms as we finish them..

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