The photos are on the wall....

 Well, actually they are in the hallway up the staircase!!! Chris and I decided to showcase some of the photos from our travels. I love the idea of simple frames filling a wall. I was inspired by this this and this
We used simple black frames from Ikea and printed the photos off my computer. We have a couple more frames to put up.. just have to print the photos (as we decided on this this past week) It is on the agenda for this week!



  1. Looks so good B. Dubs! I love all the pics from your and Chris's many roadtrips. Might have to "borrow" this idea for a tricky staircase we're inheriting :)

  2. Love how this looks! I've been thinking about doing the same. You've inspired me!

  3. thanks you too! It was super easy to do.. I cut paper into the different size frames and placed them up the wall, and then taped photos on top of them to determine what I wanted where.. Then Chris picked up cheap frames from Ikea, and we ordered the enlargements online (always look for promo codes) and wa-la it was done!! I actually added 3 more after these photos were taken..