The office is finally done being painted, to our dismay both walls took two coats of paint. The dominant wall when you walk into the office is "garnet". (both paints are from Benjamin Moore. the "garnet" is called dinner party and the 3 other walls are Shakerbeige)
 Please disregard the random desk,and computer assortment in the photo. We are working to set up our office space this evening, and I will post photos once it is all set up! The plan is for our desks to face each other, with Chris housing his computer and such next to his desk, and me to have the printer stand next to mine! The "Garnet" wall will display both of our diplomas and sports memorabila.
This is the wall behind Chris' desk. He is lucky, I am a Red Sox fan (& was before I met him) Thus I don't mind the sports memorabila taking over the office) 

Today we are working on unpacking the remainder of the office, organizing office supplies, books, and hanging the remaining photos on the walls... Additionally, we are going to start painting the Master bedroom!

House warming invitations went in the mail today! This gives us inspiration to finish the upstairs this week, so next week we can RELAX!!! I am looking forward to some R&R.. aka, curling up and reading a book!

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