1 month till St. Patricks Day....

Last year I had a blast celebrating St. Patrick's Day with good friends in Tallahassee! We went to a local bar/pub Krewe de Gras, where we met up with friends, enjoyed live bands, etc

I haven't decided what I want to do for St. Patricks this year.. but was thinking that in the next couple years, I want to make it to Savannah.  why??? well Savannah might be a fun destination as Savannah kicks it into full green gear with one of the largest and oldest St. Patrick’s Day parades going in the country (first one was in 1813).Depending on the year and what day St. Pat’s falls on decides just how “off the chain” the party fever will get in the Hostess City. As St. Pat’s falls on a Wednesday this year many people came rolling in last weekend and will stay through the week. I am thinking I could do St. Patricks here, and then enjoy a restful weekend at a bed and breakfast, and strolling through the historic streets....

I know St. Patricks Day is a month away, so I figured it was time to start planning... any suggestions ?

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