From my office....

You may remember, me blogging about dreaming about a mirrored desk here, or here  or here or taking the measurements here.. it was a long road, double measuring, gluing, remeasuring, re-gluing, staining, etc... It was truly a labor of love created by one of my besties, Ashley and I... but in the end it was all worth it, as it makes me smile EVERY day..... In the new townhome C & I decided to put our desks butting up against each other. C has a book shelf beside him, and I have the printer, and window beside me, with the large bookcase mentioned here behind me....
 We found the old desk on craigs list, it was not the prettiest, but it was exactly the shape I was looking for. We got to work measuring all of the sides, nooks, etc for mirrors, and took the measurements to a local glass store.
 We then used liquid nails to glue each piece onto the table, holding it in place with painters tape.
 The chair I have at my desk is the one I refinished here. I decided to recover it in a neutral khaki color to tie into our "Garnet & Gold" office.. 
to the side of the bookcase is a basket of Henry's toys (yes he is spoiled, but he honestly gets them out, and puts them away on his own) and an accent captains chair. It is covered in the same fabric.. and I salvaged mini pillows from extra fabric from a sorority house project.. (I recovered lyre chairs for the upstairs TV room to be used as accents) .. I have one chair left to recover for the office.. & our Diploma frames to hang and we are declaring the office done!!!


  1. Thanks girl.. it was truly a labor of love.. but beat paying the 1,000++ for any of the mirrored desks I could find that I liked..