Great Problem to have....

I have more flowers in my house then I have vases.. No seriously... You may remember, my BF bought me 2 dozen roses for Valentines day... Which I split up and placed around our town home... Well today he went to Costco to pick up somethings that we needed (cat food, litter, toilet paper, etc) and it tends to be the habit that whenever he goes to Costco, I get flowers!! 
Trust me I am not complaining. Costco has great flowers, and they are at great prices. I love, love having fresh flowers at home, but am 100% against paying the crazy delivery fees florists often charge. With the addition of the new flowers, I panicked as I didn't know what to put them in. I opt'd to use our Impressions Pitcher from Crate and Barrel to place them on our dinning room table, and decided to change our our place mats from the brown bamboo place mats (you can see them here)  to coordinate. I moved the dozen roses to our "bar area" next to the TV.

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