Things I am loving right now...

  They are almost all for our guest bedroom.. The room is truly so relaxing just to walk into.... I promise I will share photos soon!!! The room has three light gray walls, with a dark gray accent wall (I probably would of done all walls the light gray, but since Chris was painting, I figured I wasn't going to be picky)

The comforter, pillows, and curtains are all a crisp clean white, and the only art we currently have on the wall is muted blues/grays... they are things I've picked up on my travels abroad (to Paris specifically)

The goal of the room is to have a guest bedroom, that is relaxing and inviting... a room that can be lived in and used with out worrying about "messing it up" but a room that you might not want to use every day..

Thus far, I think we are on the right track..... Now off to making a "wish list"



  1. Love these items! Cant wait to see the bedroom. I myself have been to Paris as well and love anything Parisian. :)

  2. Thanks so much! I am hoping to finish it this week (minus the headboard & some furniture pieces C's rents are bringing up in 2 weeks) I will blog as soon as it is done, promise