Guest bedroom is coming together....

 The last room in the house we have to complete, is the guest bedroom! It is truly starting to come together. C & I finished painting the room, and hanging the items that we already had for the room. We painted the entire room a pale gray that has a hint of blue to it. Then the accent wall behind the bed, is a dark slate gray. I was hesitant about the accent wall at first, but am glad that we decided to go for it. Below is a photo that shows both colors. It is the the right of the large window overlooking the street. The framed art is an old advertisement for patterns. I have a coordinating on the left side of the window. The lamp on the bedside stand is actually from my friend, Peyton, and is a mini replica of the Eiffel Tower.
This past weekend, C's parents brought up his dresser, desk and mirror, which we are using in the room. I still need to make a headboard, it is on the to do list (which is quickly dwindling, so I am thinking I will get it done by Easter) above the bed we have the oil painting I picked up from a street vendor in Paris. an the debate is still out on what to put in the two smaller frames that flank it. I am on team Silhouette, (I think one of each of us would be simple and classic) and C prefers to have our initials (or really anything but a Silhouette) Currently we have the two smaller frames from my old bedroom monogram on either side empty, glaring at us to make a decision
Below are some of the accessories that we have used in the room..
more to come in upcoming posts...

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