I loving Amazon!!!

I have long been a fan of Amazon, however recently my love for them as grown to full fledged infatuation. Long story short, apparently C was a bit of a "collector" of DVD's and video games back in his college days. Upon moving home from Amherst, C brought his "collections" home where they stayed with his parents when he moved to Tallahassee. His parents recently brought up his collections. At first C & I started at the collections, pondering what items we wanted to keep and what items we wanted to get rid of. After some thought and discussion, we decided we would donate anything we did not want to keep, or could not sell back. (Ok now where can we sell things back?) After some quick searches and research, we decided we would go with Amazon. The process was quick and relatively simple.  We set up an account, entered items, and then determined based on the price Amazon would offer, if we want to keep, donate or sell the item....

With nearly all of the items shipped back to Amazon, we decided to go through some of our college text books that were lying around the house, and added those to our sell back list....

Next up, what to do with our Amazon credit???? Drum roll please... (Ok you know we are "adults" now because we choose the below)

I must admit, that I am very excited for both items to arrive, and be put to good use. While both are practical purchases, neither of them are purchases, that we would just go out and buy. We of course did a bit of research on consumer reports, and forums before spending the money on the above items, but in the end decided to spend a bit more of our credit and get items that would last longer..

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