Lenton promises

  "Whatever you give up for Lent it has to be something that you love. I think I'm giving up eating potato chips. I love BBQ chips. Sacrifice"

So just one more reason for me to love Drew Brees, he is Catholic... =) But seriously what you give up for Lent each year is a big deal (at least for us Catholics in the world) and this year I have decided to give up both Diet Coke and eating out... GASP crazy I know.. but not only are both something that I will notice, and something I enjoy.. but BOTH are something that will make me a more healthier me..

C, being Methodist, does not traditionally celebrate Lent, but has decided to do so with me this year. He is also giving up carbonated beverages (soda, beer, etc) and eating out.. 
With the above being said, we went made a grocery list, and headed to Publix last night to pick up food for meals this week. Today we are looking forward to fresh salads for lunch, and Grilled Chicken and Veggies for dinner.. but we are both hoping to have friends over for dinner during Lent, and try out some new healthy receipes.. If you have some you would like to share please comment below or email me.. 

we will of course share our new recipes during Lent on the blog!

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