the 2011-2012 Mom/My Agendas are ready to order

Get excited!!! Because you know I am... the  2011-2012 MomAgend/Myagenda planners have been released and are ready to be ordered. And there is nothing I love more then setting up my new planner!!

I love my MyAgenda Desktop and I truly use it EVERYDAY. See my post here,
These planners are perfect for moms, and non-moms who are juggling work, school, and life..
This 100% is the BEST PLANNER I have EVER had!!!

A couple of April monthly specials from MomAgenda... 

This year, they introduced the Home office Edition!  It comes with extra blank pages, the pockets, 2pockets, and is a spiral note book. While I will most likely be sticking with my Desktop edition I thought this would be great for Mom's on the go..

So the big decision for me right now.. is should I get the Teal or the Fushia??? decisions, decisions.. 


  1. Does the desktop lay flat when it is open?

  2. The desktop lays flat, I tent to have things in the pockets, and papercliped to pages, and mine still in laying flat!