C & I are Exteme Couponers... well almost

Inspired by Extreme Couponing..Chris & I just bought over $300 dollars of groceries for $60.... After watching the show we have been going back and forth about giving it a try... Two weeks something clicked & we decided to go for it. Chris bought me the book Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family: Includes So Many Innovative Strategies You Won't Have to Cut Coupons. (I love that the book had a mail in rebate) I of course read the book cover to cover, and took notes (are any of my friends surprised?) Next Chris & I turned to the circulars, for Publix, Winn Dixie, CVS, Walgreens, and online updates of weekly promotions. We made notes regarding the BOGO items, and the sale items for the prior stores) Note we only made a list of items we would actually use. (ie: no matter how good the deal is I am never going to eat asparagus) Then we cut coupons from the prior circulars, coupons from our local newspaper (both last Sunday and this Sunday) & we stopped by Winn Dixie & Publix to pick up the additional Coupon booklets they offer bi-monthly. (see photos of circulars pre-cutting, and my full coupon book after)
Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family: Includes So Many Innovative Strategies You Won't Have to Cut Coupons 
Lastly Chris and I looked online to find coupons for additional BOGO and Sale items we had not yet found.. We learned from watching the show that most foods go in cycles, so coupons will come out, then the item will go to sale and then it will go to BOGO. By the time it goes to BOGO it will be nearly impossible to find coupons. (with this being said we did clip & print coupons for use next month) After the above Chris and I organized coupons by each store, created a list of how many items to buy at each store, gathered our shopping bags and were off.. Chris was in charge of the list, and I checked the coupons for each item we placed in the cart to ensure we had the correct number, and were getting the best deal possible. Several times, we opt'd to get more of an item, less of an item, or a smaller size of the item (trick if the coupon does not mandate a size, it is usually a better deal to get two of the smaller size). Another trick is you can use one manufacturer and one store coupon per item (we did this on nearly every item) and both Publix and Winn Dixie matched nearly all of the competitors coupons. (we learned some additional tricks that we will try next time, we will let you know how it goes..

I must admit it was a chore organizing our pantry!!!! We now are the proud owners of 20 cans of peas, & green beans, 10 cans of corn, 10 boxes of various Zatirans mixes, 20 boxes of pasta (we were paid to take them from Publix), 10 bags of steamed vegetables, 8 cake mixes & frosting, jello, pudding, etc.. Where we really made money (yes again they paid us to take it) was on toiletries! We shopped for items that were on a promotional price (most were either BOGO, or buy 2 at a reduced cost) We used the manufacturers coupons that were buy one get one free combined with store coupons. While we don't need them now. Chris now has 3 body washes, deodorants (that were FREE) and I got two boxes of Tampons FREE!!! Bonus Publix gave us two free shopping bags (a coupon from their circular for buying so many P&G items)

No store will actually pay you if you are in the negative so we stocked up on some meat (that was on sale) to ensure we had balanced meals. We could go for a month or even two & only need to shop for the fresh produce, meat , & dairy!!!! 

Don't get me wrong we had a ton of fun, but it took time, planning, patience and a partner in crime. We made a deal before shopping that we would not buy anything not on our list, that we would keep an eye out for new deals (not online or in the circular & check coupons) & to make metal notes for next time we venture out on this trip. I do think that the "Extreme Couponers who save 100's and thousands of dollars must devote hours to this "hobby" additionally they stock up on unnecessary items or multiples (that we simply do not have a place to keep (let's face it no matter how much money we can save, we do not want to end up on Hoarders) (I think some couponers are dangerously close with their "stockpiles".

Our Next mission: Do an "extreme couponing" trip & donate to a local shelter.. Watch out C & I are going to be couponing like crazy!!! Any Tallahassee friends who don't coupon send your circulars our way, because we are on a mission to make a difference. 


  1. Awesome story! I have been meaning to try semi-extreme couponing, lol. I know it takes time and planning, which are two things that are limited while I am finishing up school. So I am thinking I should start off small with just CVS and Walgreens. I look forward to reading more tips from you!
    xoxo, Bee Sue

  2. thanks for commenting! I totally feel you. While you can save money, in the end time is money. CVS does offer some great deals, you just have to break up the transactions and use your extra bucs from one transaction on the next!