Coupon Organizing..

 So after C and I's Extreme Couponing adventure last week, (click the link to read the post about it)  I decided that I needed to organize our coupons in a way that was more efficient than the below coupon envelope. I thought the envelope would work, but we ended up having too many coupons in each category, and we became frustrated looking for coupons! I needed to be able to see everything in the category at once.. 
I googled to find ways that other people have organized their coupons. It turns out there are several methods of doing so. 1. The Basket & Envelop Method, the Photo Box with Tabs, the photo album w/ tabs, seperated by store/experation, and many many more. I especially liked Mrs. A's Coupon Organizer. I was not willing to fork out the money, so I used it for my inspiration. Turns out C, had a ton of old baseball card holders, & I had some clear page protectors so I took these, put them in a binder and got to work. After looking at the nearly 100's of ways to seperate the binder. I decided to do what I thought word work best for me. I seperated the binder into the below categories. See photos below of my finished product!
Front of Binder
·      Shopping List
·      Monthly Meal plans
·      Publix aisles
·      Winn Dixie aisles
·      Gift Cards
·      Store specific coupons (ie: Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, etc)
·      Car & travel
·      Eating out
·      Rebates

·      Baking Uncategorized (ie: jello, pam, food dye, etc)
·      Bar (fruit bas, fiber bars, power bars)
·      Batteries
·      Bread
·      Butter
·      Cake & Candy
·      Cereal
·      Cheese
·      Chips
·      Cleaner
·      Cookies & Crackers
·      Cleaners
·      Dressings
·      Drinks (including water , wine, & Beer)
·      Eggs
·      Ice Cream
·      Light bulbs
·      Meals – frozen
·      Meals – non frozen 
Meat – broken into Chicken/Turkey, Red Meat, Tuna

·      Milk
·      Nuts
·      Oils
·      Pasta
·      Pet food (this includes litter & treats)
·      Popcorn
·      Sauces
·      Sour Cream
·      Soup
·      Spices
·      Storage (zip lock pages, Glad wear, aluminum foil, etc)
·      Trash bags
·      Vegi Canned
·      Vegi frozen
·      Yogurt

·      Bath & Body wash
·      Deodorant
·      Lotion
·      Medicine
·      Paper Products
·      Razors & Shaving Cream
·      Toothpaste (includes floss, toothbrushes,etc
·      Misc

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