Nearly a week ago C & I went on our first couponing adventure, then we also worked to create a coupon binder! I blogged about both adventures, and have since received numerous emails asking to learn more about where we got our coupons from and our "strategy." I am going to try to answer as many of the readers questions below.

How did you prepare your grocery coupons before you go shopping, 
  • Our first step was to make our grocery list on a sheet of paper (we made our list from our rolling monthly meal plan list). Then we went through the coupons and pulled out any that are applicable to our needs. Marking a “C” beside each item on the list that we havd a coupon for.
  • Then we pulled up the ads for the stores we were going to shop at, We looked at the Publix and Winn Dixie ads to see what items are one sale, bogo, or offering an additional coupon. We  added some items to the above list if that were items we would a. make money off of, or b.use in a future meal. c. could donate to a local shelter becuase they are either free or insanely cheap
  • Then we  broke up the grocery list down by store, and separated our coupons by store. We placed the list and coupons for each store inside an envelope (or you could stick the coupons inside the envelope that you wrote your list on).
  • C and I made a pac to follow the grocery list while we were shopping and used the list to quickly spot which items we had a coupon for  I also suggest bringing your coupon book to the store, as sometimes you will spot an unadvertised deal. We found several!
Where did you get your coupons?
There are several ways to accumulate multiples of coupons. C and I are not willing to go to recycling centers & ask for coupons, to go dumpster diving....

So what did we do..
  • we clip coupons from the Sunday paper (we only get the paper on Sundays)
  • we clip coupons from the savings add at the local grocery store (we stop by and pick them up when they come out, and then look through to see what we need)
  • we pull coupons from the blinky machines at the grocery store (the little red machines that "spit" coupons out) in the stores.....usually that product will go on sale within 2-3 weeks after you first see the machine and the store will pull it out right before the sales
  • We look for coupons that we need for items on our list at .upons and smartsource and .coolsavings
  • We use sites such as southernsavers to see what deals we can combine that we may not have thought of  
What we would be willing to do
Rules of the game
We set some ground rules, as while we want to save money, we don't want to end up with items we would never use, nor
  • Don't use a coupon just because you have it. In other words, don't buy something you normally wouldn't buy just because you have a coupon for it (unless it's free of course, or you are making money off of the item)
  • To always remember if the coupon says "off any size" then buy the smallest size. This is a better price deal.
  • If an item on sale at the store is out of stock, we will always ask for a raincheck.
  • Call, write or email the companies with either a negative or positive thought about their particular product(s), they may send you cents off coupons for maybe a coupon for a free product. We did this for items we know we will always buy (pet food, litter, juices, etc)
    hope this helps to answer some of your questions. In the end C & I plan to continue couponing, and we would like to do one "Extreme Couponing" haul to donate to a local shelter. But don't plan to gain a stockpile in our home. We plan on working together to acquire the coupons we need and to have fun while doing so. The day it becomes a burden is the day we stop. Because lets face it time is money, and are not willing to spend hours, upon hours clipping coupons.

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    1. Britian, my boss at work is super into the couponing also. she was telling me some very interesting tips.
      1) publix is so about their customers thinking they are the best that they accept any coupon from something they consider competition. ie. walmart, target, new leaf etc.
      2) they also allow stacking which is that you can use multiple of the same ones.
      3)check out (thats the one she uses and loves)