Easter craft time...

Craft Zine has done it again.. These are the cutest Carrot candy holders I have come across in the blogsphere, this season.. 


White or cream cardstock, lightweight, 70-lb or less
Color printer, Scorer, Bone folder, Scissors, 1/4" double-sided tape


Carrot Treat Boxes Step1
Step 1: Print the PDF on lightweight cardstock. Using a pair of scissors, cut along the edges of the orange portion only. Do not cut out the areas around the green, as you will need the surrounding score and cut lines as a guide.
Carrot Treat Boxes Step2
Step 2: Score along dotted lines 1, 2, and 3, as indicated on the design. With the design facing down, fold along each score line with a bone folder.
Carrot Treat Boxes Step3
Step 3: Score along dotted line 4. With the design facing down, fold with a bone folder.
Carrot Treat Boxes Step4
Step 4: With the design facing down, fold along dotted line 2. Cut away each of the four triangles.
Carrot Treat Boxes Step5
Step 5: The triangles form diamond shapes when unfolded. With the design facing up, cut along the solid lines up to score line 1. You will notice every third solid line is shorter. For those shorter lines, make sure you only cut part of the way without reaching up to the score line.
Carrot Treat Boxes Step6
Step 6: Cut away all remaining negative space. Affix double-sided tape along the edge, as shown.
Carrot Treat Boxes Step7
Step 7: Roll until the double-sided tape meets the edge of the design. Adhere. Note: heavy cardstock will not roll well.
Carrot Treat Boxes Step8
Step 8: Fill with treats and pinch the diamond-shaped spaces inwards to close. Optional: tie with a thin string or ribbon.
Carrot Treat Boxes Final 

if you make these be sure to head on over to Craft Zine, and Thank them for such a great post

Now the question remains what should I fill these with, as they will be making an appearance in C's Easter Basket. 

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