Egg-cellent idea..

 When you made those eggs for Easter,  (which C & I will be doing this week) don’t throw away those egg cartons!  Make cute chicks out of them.  I found this at Simple As That.
What you'll need:

an egg carton

a pair of scissors

a finepoint black sharpie

your favorite adhesive or a glue gun

construction/scrapbook paper

small white pom poms
(or a small white bead, button, etc.)

How to make your own:

To make your own bunny or chick start by cutting the sections of an egg carton apart to use for the body. Next, cut out of construction/scrapbook paper all the parts you'll need for the bunny & chick using the pieces pictured above as a guide.

You can now start putting your bunny & chick together by gluing the paper pieces to the egg carton section. For the bunny, fold over a thin portion at the base of each ear forming a thin tab. Put adhesive on the bottom of the tab and glue to egg carton. For the bunnies feet, glue to the inside edge of the egg carton then fold them slightly so they will peek out underneath. Draw eyes on your bunny using a black sharpie then attach a nose using a small white pom pom, button or bead.


Attach the chicks wings and feet the same way you attached the bunnies ears and feet. For the chicks crest cut a small slit in the top of the egg carton, insert tab then fold over and glue from the inside of the egg carton. Fold the small diamond you cut out in half and attach to make the chick's mouth. Draw eyes on your chick using the black sharpie, then attach the beak and you're done. Super simple but oh so cute!

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