Egg inspriation... So today, I have a big "to do list" Aside from the "normal" day off activities, (laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping,etc) I have some exciting things on the agenda (and yes everything is in the MomAgenda).

1. Chris and I will be attending a tweet up for Charity. I blogged about it here. The event promises to be a good time had by all. C & I went through our linen closest last night and have two full bins of towels, sheets, blankets etc to donate along with any funds raised! I am also bringing purple DVA bracelets to hand out to any one interested!

2. Chris and I have started watching TLC's Extreme couponing. We both think it would be incredibly fun to put the time and effort into doing a "haul" once and giving it to charity. (more to come if we decide to actually do it) After watching the show last night, we thought we would try to coupon our entire grocery trip tomorrow! Our goal is to save more than we spend. We signed up for a store rewards program, looked at the circular and BOGO's online for the two grocery stores we will hit, printed coupons from online, and clipped coupons from our Sunday paper. We already have a meal plan for the month (thanks to our new personal trainer-Jason for inspiring us to do so, I will post more about this later) Our meal plan is comprised of foods we are allowed to eat, and meals C & I both enjoy. We also tried to make meals out of some of the food we already had. Thus this grocery trip is to fill in holes, pick up vegetables, meat, etc..  I will let you know how it goes..

3. We are setting out to dye Easter Eggs.. I thought some of the eggs below from Kaboose might be fun to use for inspiration. I am excited to see how adventurous we end up being.. and of course will post photos.. 
Crayon Easter Eggs Easter Egg Heads

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