Henry Update...

So after a night of not sleeping worried about the surgery. C dropped of Henry this am. When I went on lunch at 1 @ work, I had a missed call from the surgeon to call him back ASAP. After recovering from a mild heart attack, I composed myself and called the vet office. I was quickly connected to the surgeon, only to be told that Henry could not have surgery today as there was an issue with his blood work. The same blood work, I might add that Henry had last week, the blood work that I called the vet about and was told everything was fine, the blood work that Chris asked about this am, when he dropped Henry off this am, and was told everything was fine. Apparently, it is not fine, apparently Henry has high sodium levels, which make anesthesia dangerous and often less effective. They said they could proceed with the surgery and give him fluids throughout the surgery to lower his sodium, that but that it was not recommended. Of course we opt'd to wait. Henry is now on a special diet for the next month ($40+ dollars of canned food later) and we will take him in for blood work, and hopefully a new surgery date soon.

Fingers crossed that this waiting time does not make his "toothache" worse, thus making the surgery more evasive. For now we are happy to have Henry back home with us. Now if he would only forgive us for taking him to the vet again, and forgive us for not allowing him to eat from last night until this afternoon... We would like our loving, snuggling cat back, please.. Thank you.. 

I of course will update as soon as we know more information. Thank you to everyone who commented, emailed and tweeted me that they were praying for our little guy this am..

And on a side note, I don't know how I am going to handle myself one day when I have children and they have to have surgery, as this whole thing has  made me a nervous wreck.

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