here kitty kitty....

 Well, long story short, C & I decided to put our name on a list at the shelter to see if a Persian or Rag-doll (see previous post)  came in. We were notified that a ragdoll was available, and decided to go check it out..
 We left Henry at home, and let him know we might bring home a friend.. He seemed pretty relaxed.
When we got to the shelter, we were introduced to "Buck" he was a beautiful Rag-doll, and we found out his owner died, and the owners family dropped him off.. Sad right?? Well, even "sadder" (ok - I know that is not a word) is that Buck is 14 years old, thus the shelter will not keep him very long (in the shelters defense they take in 70-90 pets a day and only adopt out 5-15... The shelter takes in animals for the entire county, and does not turn any animal away. Thus they are forced to put under the older animals, hurt animals, or ones with social/behavior problems... C & I left the shelter at odds with ours selves. We truly wanted a younger cat, but had fallen in love with "Buck"

I am sure it comes as no surprise, that after running some errands, and talking it over, C & I went back to the shelter, to adopt Buck.
 C & I were not to fond of the name Buck, but knew we couldn't change his name too much this late in life, so we opt'd for Beau.. It fits him quite well, as he is truly a regal kitty!
 Ok he looks a bit evil in this picture, (Henry might argue that he is a bit) but he is truly the sweetest cat around. He loves to have his chin and belly rubbed, and jumps up to sit in our laps when either of us are in the office
 Henry and Beau seem to be working things out on their own terms. Initially Henry hissed, and backed away from Beau, but they seem to be feeling each out out and making friends slowly..
Afterall Henry can always hide in the laundry from Beau.. ha ha
(one of my favorite photos)

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  1. i'm so happy you guys did this!! what a good deed :)