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Miss DC 2009, Jennifer Corey is an Alpha Chi Omega. She preformed and attended Alpha Chi Omega Convention 2010 in Washington, DC. Ever since convention I have followed her on twitter, as she updates the world on her life, events and endeavors. She recently shared that her mom, had created a cooking blog, Moma Corey's Kitchen. Always looking for new recipes, I  quickly headed over to check it out! Below is one of the recipes I was quick to add to a card, as Chris loves the Swedish meatballs from IKEA, so I will have to give these a try.

This recipe is dedicated to my wonderful nieces and nephews who when coming over our house always immediately ask, "Did you make Swedish meatballs!?!"

1 bag pre-made small size meatballs
1 32oz jar grape jelly - any brand
2 12oz jars chili sauce

In large pot add grape jelly over medium heat until all of the lumps are gone
add 2 jars of chili sauce
add meat balls

Cook until meat balls are hot. Serve or transfer to slow cooker to keep warm.

Second way to make them
1 bag pre-made small size meatballs
3 packages McCormicks Brown gravy packets

Cook brown gravy packets according to package directions. Once heated add meatballs until hot and serve or transfer to slow cooker to keep warm. 

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