Praying for Henry today...

 Today, Henry Cat goes in for dental surgery. While he has not complained one bit, when Henry went in for his annual vet visit, we learned that he had a bad tooth in the back of his mouth (apparently it is stage 3 cat dental problem/there are 4 stages, who knew?) He went in for pre-op last on Friday, and had fur shaved under his chin, so they could take blood samples, etc. 

He is going in at 7:30 today, and if all goes well, we can pick him up when I get off work tonight at 5.. However, we have been warned that he might have to spend the night (fingers crossed this does not happen) He does have to be placed under anesthesia, and why the vet tells us this is a fairly safe surgery. I did have to sign my life away agreeing that I understand the risks, etc.. 

To be honest, I am a nervous wreck, I am fairly glad I work 8-5 today (hoping for a busy day) So I can keep my mind of things. And I am blessed that C will be home all day, and is able to be at the vet in 5 min max (with very little notice) So to all my readers, please say a prayer for Henry today....

I of course will update as soon as I hear any news.. and post photos of the little guy (ok he is not that little) as soon as we get him home..


  1. I will definitely pray for your cat. Cat dentristy is quite a mystery to me - our vet keeps wanting to anesthetize Alice (Cooper!) for a checkup and we have not gone there yet. But I digress - I hope it all goes swimmingly for Henry - I know you'll be glad to put it behind you. Looking forward to meeting you at the ChocoTallyTweetUp!

  2. Jay and I have had two cats who had to have teeth pulled, and more than one at a time!! Although they both came home groggy and lackadaisical, they were fine within 24 hours. I'll be thinking of you today...and hoping you have a busy day, as well! Henry is adorable!!

    xo, E

  3. <3 to HenrĂ­! Kitty of Hermes