Quick trip to Alpha Chi HQ!

 Friday, after work, I joined Alpha Chi Omega, Beta Eta collegians Caitlin and Erin, and BH Advisor, JSBH to travel to Alpha Chi Omega HQ to participate in the 4-year experience pilot chapter training! It was a super quick trip, but one packed full of memories, experiences and learning!!!

 Caitlin and Erin in front of HQ..
 love the WDA rocks in the Founders Gar

 more photos from the Founders Garden
  I think I need to frame my initiation certificate and badge like this.. I love it!


  1. Wow, I love the cert and badge frame, as well! I WILL make it to HQ in my life. When's the next phase of bricks for Beta Eta? Miss you!!

  2. Erin- I love that you follow my blog. (thanks)
    The bricks are installed every summer (pending we get 30-50 bricks bought) If we do not have enough to do over summer they will go in over Christmas, as we usually get extra brick orders at homecoming..

    let me know if you make it to Tally for a game.. You are more than welcome to stay with me!

  3. I scrolled down and saw Alpha Chi in your labels and got so excited. LITB!