Royal Wedding recap


She looked so beautiful and they both looked so happy…So happy for them.

I woke up at 4:30 AM to watch all the festivities. It was so fun! And now all I can think about is weddings….
So I must admit, I had a bit of the Royal wedding fever. No, I did not wake up a 3am to watch the wedding. Rather I set it to DVR, and woke up around 8am, thus I could fast forward thru everyone arriving (of course stopping to look and comment on the crazy hats). The BF says I should of woken up and watched it all (if I am going to do it, I should do it right?). I say that I was efficient. 
Overall, I love that this day is full of tradition. That the ceremony is a traditional religious ceremony. I love that the couple looked truly happy, and in love. I thought Kate's dress was beautiful, and timeless.

None the less here are some of my favorite photos from the big day.
The Royal Wedding Album 
I am glad that Kate was able to share the day with her sister Pippa, who is also beautiful. I loved the simplicity of her dress, and of course the 8 ft train. 
Prince William, Brother Harry Arrive For Royal Wedding 
To be a fly on the wall, and know what Prince William was whispering to Kate.
A simply stunning Princess! #royalwedding 
While I thought her bouquet could of been a little bigger! I was in love with the lace, & the length of the train. Kate also has a striking smile.
While millions of onlookers enjoyed the newlyweds' kiss at Buckingham Palace, a certain someone (left) seemed to be not pleased. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham) 
I love the bridesmaid in this photo. Apparently, the noise was too much for her. 
The Royal Wedding Album 
I think it is very true to everything I have read and learned that the couple left the palace by themselves to spend some time before their party tonight. I love that they opt'd for a convertible, so the people of England could get one last look.
The Royal Wedding Album 
seriously how happy do they look?
and the question I was wondering, so I am sure others were as well. What will Kate be called?
"Kate will automatically become the Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Strathearn and the Baroness of Carrickfergus now that she's married to William," royal historian Robert Lacey said.

"Technically, she will be 'Your Royal Highness' and most experts would say she is 'Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales,'" Lacey said. "She may choose not to use the title but that is technically what she is.
"When William becomes the Prince of Wales, Kate will become the Princess of Wales, but not until then."

photos found from a quick google search

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