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I came across a post on about hosting a wine tasting party, and loved their ideas. The party looked simple to set up, and it promises to be a good time with great friends...

Hosting a wine tasting party is as simple as inviting your favorite friends over for a drink! It's the perfect way to have a low-key, fun event and it is also an opportunity to become more educated. So lets get started on how to set up the wine tasting..

Start by selecting a grape varietal. Limiting the tasting to a one or two types of wine will help you make accurate comparisons. I suggest picking one white and 1 red. Once you choose grapes, ask each guest to bring a bottle. If you like, you can set a price range to help maintain a level playing field. (or leave it open, and guests can bring their favorites)

Keep your guests' opinions unbiased with a blind tasting. Mask the labels by hiding each wine in a paper bag. If you don't know what you are drinking, your senses will be unclouded by branding and marketing. Set out simple cheeses and crackers for snacking, and please - don't let any guests leave under the influence, if they are driving!

Bottles of wine
Butcher paper
Paper bags
Colorful markers

Step 1: Cover the tabletop in butcher paper. Then cut the paper bags down so that the bottle opening is showing.
Step 2: Number each bag and create a numbered list for each guest to take notes. Allow at least one line per wine.

 thank you to the folks over at Craft Zine for the great idea..

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