Accessories for the Ipad.. suggestions needed

C recently surprised me with an IPad 2..  Well truth be told, he told me about it, becuase the dock arrived, and I was confused why we received a dock in the mail for an item we didn't own. He is so thoughtful, and knew that I would use it for blogging, taking notes at meetings, etc, etc... He had it engraved so it took longer than the doc to get here.. 

Of course now that I know it is "in route" I am mega excited, and find myself looking for the perfect accessory. Do any of my readers have an IPad? What are your thoughts on the mac keyboard that compliments it? what are you thoughts on the cases? Thoughts on the case that comes with a bluetooth keyboard like the below??
 Also, there are tons of applications for the Ipad?? Magazines, and retailers make apps specifically for the IPad.. are there any that I need to have? Suggestions on apps you love?? let me know I want to be ready when it arrives. I will have less than 24 hours with my Ipad before I board a plane to Texas.. so I of course want it to be travel ready..

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