The art of a hand written note..

I know I blog a lot about stationary, my affection for the perfect note card, creations of my own, ones I have purchased etc.. But the truth is the art of a hard written note is one that cannot be replicated. It truly shows that the sender took time, and thought and made an effort to let you know that they care. While many would say that I write and send a ton of cards. There is one lady who puts me to shame any day of the week, her name is Jenny Sue (fondly known to many as JSBH) She has a knack for always knowing what to say and the right time to say it. I found this note on my front door recently after having a trying day with one of the staff members I work with at the chapter I advice. It was a true pick me up. The note is now placed carefully in my desk where it will serve as a reminder of the loving and supportive friends I have in my life.. 

and on another note it reminds me to pick up my pen and pencil and and send some notes of my own, and hopefully I will inspire those in my life..


  1. Jennifer has sent me handwritten notes that arrived at just the right time, too. You are right, it is an art and I want to practice using it much more often than I have done in years. Such a simple act with meaning and love that can't be expressed in any other way. Thanks for sharing! May we all become encouragers like Jen!

  2. Maxine-
    I love love that you read my blog! We need to get together soon, I miss our scrapbook nights! Jenn is truly the best! She inspires me to get out there and write more cards. My 2011 goal was 365 days of correspondence.. so far so good.. we shall see