Making a Map of the world

As many of you know I am in the final count down of visiting all 50 states, with two more (New Hampshire and Maine planned for this year). In an effort to not obtain tons of random survivors from places I go, I decided a while back (circa highschool) that I would only pick up a magnet from each state, or a major landmark within the state. I follow the same rules when traveling outside the United States.

C picks up a shot glass for each state, and has glass shadow boxes for them. This keep them not only dust free, but also allows them to be displayed for guests. They often become conversation pieces as to the trip taken to said location. You can view his glasses here or here.

Now back to the magnets. Currently, I have my favorites displayed on the fridge, and others in the pantry in a large ziplock bag. I would love to one day have a metal outline of a map, or even a map on a metal backing so I could post all magnets. But then the question would be where do I put it? the office?

I came across the below tutorial on, and thought if I had only seen this a decade ago, I would of collected pins!!! Click here for a tutorial on how to make a map bulletin board of your own!
corkboard map

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