Proud to be Greek

       I often blog about my involvement post graduation with Alpha Chi Omega, and I help to blog weekly on the blog jointly run by the collegiate chapter I advice/the virtual Alumnae chapter I am on the executive board for. To me the decision to stay involved post graduation was an easy one. I needed to give back to an organization who had given me so much.
         It comes as no surprise to many that I wear my lyre badge proud, and am thankful that I made the decision back in 1999 to pledge Alpha Chi Omega.I never imagined how much my post graduate life would be affected by my involvement. I can honestly say that Alpha Chi Omega is timeless. She is an organization who is unique, strong, and forward thinking. She is an organization comprised of diverse group of woman who will continually inspire, motivate and befriend you. I have made many life long friends as an alumnae, and have partnered with women across the country, from various chapters and of various ages on projects, and always find it amazing what Alpha Chi's can get done when working together.. 

Why do I mention this today??? Because, all to often Greek organizations get a "bad rap" and the "good" that they do goes unnoticed. I am the first to recognize that often times the collegians make bad choices, and I acknowledge that chapters have large social budgets. But I will also argue that nearly all Greek Organizations have equally as large philanthropic and educational budgets.. These things are just not as fun to report about, and thus go largely unnoticed.. 

Today I have to share what the Greek Students at University of Alabama have been working on since the Tornadoes hit their community. It is truly amazing, how the entire Greek System rallied together for the good of their community. From each sorority collecting different items, to various fraternity houses cooking, to hundreds of students volunteering. It was truly a labor of love, and one that I am proud to share!

UA Greek Relief!! Together they provided over 52,000 hot meals to the victims and relief workers of Tuscaloosa. Please note the "job" is far from over. It will take years for the city to recover. Please visit for more ways to help

And for those Alpha Chi's reading All of U of A Alpha Chi staff and members are accounted for and safe. However 2 staff members lost everything. The chapter has set up an account at at Bryant Bank in town called Alpha Chi Omega Relief Fund to assist those staff members. Checks can be mailed to Caroline Fulmer  (one of the advisers) at AXO at PO Box 861448, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486. 

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